PWHS alum returns to paint a mural at Whitemarsh Elementary

While she was in town to visit family for Thanksgiving, Plymouth Whitemarsh High School (PWHS) Alum Phoebe Cornog stopped by her elementary alma mater to paint a mural in the cafeteria. The Whitemarsh Elementary School PTO commissioned the full-time mural artist to create a piece that highlights the school as "someplace special".

Woman on ladder with paint brush and can


"You don't know what you're going to be when you're a second grader or a third grader, and I definitely wouldn't have imagined this. But I remember feeling really cool when I won the spaghetti dinner poster contest," said Ms. Cornog. "It's a real trip being back here and doing something for the school."

Ms. Cornog took several art classes in high school at PWHS. Her Advanced Placement (AP) art portfolio highlighted both of her passions at the time: art and swimming. After graduating college with a degree in Graphic Design, she moved to San Diego and started her own company, Pandr Design Co, with business partner Roxy Prima. 

"I'm very much against the starving artist stereotype. If you love something, then you'll be able to make it happen," she said. "You just have to work really hard. We go after things and make them possible." 

Ms. Cornog has designed and painted murals for businesses and communities across the United States, including a mural for the Phillies by the rooftop bleachers along Ashburn Alley in Citizens Bank Park. Her company is working toward the goal of painting a mural in all 50 states.