PWHS Alum Donates Equipment to Ice Hockey, Lacrosse Teams

Thanks to the generosity and ingenuity of a Class of 2007 alum, Plymouth Whitemarsh High School (PWHS) athletes will be better able to practice their stickhandling and ball handling skills if they play ice hockey or lacrosse.

Josh Aiello, founder of Twig Sports and current Varsity ice hockey head coach, has donated nearly $2,000 worth of equipment to the high school athletes to support their practice efforts. Mr. Aiello is the developer of the Twig Handle, which is a patent-pending training device for hockey, lacrosse, and field hockey players to help practice their skills of stickhandling, cradling, and dribbling. The product slides over the shaft of a stick to help the player perfect their skills. He donated Twig Handles to all members of the JV and Varsity ice hockey team.

In addition to that, he has also provided another one of his company's products (QuickSTX balls) to members of the boys and girls lacrosse teams. QuickSTX is the only lacrosse training device with a fully retractable ball attached to the lacrosse head allowing players to play wall ball without the wall wherever they go. QuickSTX allows players to throw and catch the ball repeatedly using quick motions to enhance dexterity, speed, and control.

"When COVID-19 began hitting the area significantly in March 2020, I started thinking about our student-athletes and youth athletics in general. It motivated me to founding Twig Sports and developing the Twig Handle to help ice hockey, lacrosse, and field hockey athletes train," said Mr. Aiello, who is also a former PWHS ice hockey player. "Twig Sports also acquired a reputable company known as QuickSTX that had success in the past. The QuickSTX product allows lacrosse players to have a catch without a partner and play wall ball wherever they go."

He added: "I have a great deal of PWHS pride since I am a PWHS alumnus, current PW ice hockey Varsity head coach, and the son of a current Colonial School District secretary. I believe the PW student-athletes are a deserving group and hope it will help them train whether they are remote or at a team practice."

Mr. Aiello contacted Colonial School District's Athletic Director, RJ Bretz, and PWHS Principal, Jason Bacani, with his idea, and both were eager to accept the donations.

"Our students have gone through so much over the last year with the restrictions on athletics and extra-curricular activities, and it was exciting to have something positive to share with them," said Mr. Bretz. "I look forward to seeing the students use these products to improve their skills, and we are very thankful for Mr. Aiello's support and outreach. It is meaningful for our students to be supported by an alum who is also an aspiring entrepreneur and former athlete."