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PW PTSO Minutes 9-4-19

start:   7:00pm                         PW PTSO Minutes for 9/4/2019                 adjourned:  8:30pm


Approval of last meetings Minutes

Motioned and Approved by Lisa and Cindy

2019-2020 Budget Approved by Lisa and Barry

Treasurer’s Report

        -Reviewed Budget at last meeting

        -Reviewed how to be reimbursed for PTSO items

·         Donation from foundation—for assembly and will need to take pictures

·         All reimbursements require receipt this year.  No receipt, no reimbursement.

Principal’s Report

·         9th grade and transfer orientation went well.  PTSO got a good amount of emails that night to add to the email mail list

·         New staff at PW (virtually everyone returned which is exciting!):

               -Kelly Larson-school psychologist

               -Michelle Phiel-from CMS-special education teacher moved up.

·         Upcoming events:

                1.       Picture day and open house in Thursday, 9/12

                2.       Open House - Table for PTSO will be in main lobby

                3.       Academic Awards Ceremony is next week 1:00pm (1:30pm)

                4.       Homecoming week is first full week of October 10/7

                5.       PT conferences Oct 15th and 17th---online sign-ups will be soon

·         Dr. Bacani—had post-prom discussion with Barry- New student committee/club to help with post prom to get more ideas, help and student involvement

Teacher Report

·         No teacher report tonight


Presidents Report

        Old Business:

§  Brief review of Post Prom 2019

       o   Need to figure out a way to bring more students

§  Brief review of 2019 Sr Picnic

       o   Well attended-kids had to attend since it was after finals this year

       o   Chick-fil-A was a hit- need to order more

       o   Donna kept notes on what was ordered and what was eaten so she will be able to adjust accordingly. 

       o   ~400 seniors for this year.

       o   Senior Picnic is last week of school


     New Business:

§  Changes for Post Prom 2020

§  Possible to do a Activities club through the freshmen/sophs, etc and Barry will come in every other week to help with the kids who want to help organize this event

§  Friday, June 5th is Prom and will be held in the Crystal Tea Room

§  Max jumped in to say everyone is in or out—starting a student club will definitely generate some popularity. 

§  Mindset is half the problem -work on changing that.- make Parents aware of Post Prom

§  Might be good to include junior class

§  Must think about logistical solutions to get students back from Prom since it’s in the city.  Could use transportation as a way to bring people to Post-Prom

§  Max suggested  we market it all together as Prom, Post-Prom, and Transportation

§  Sign-up for the Party Bus with your friends—choose which group you go with

§  Barry will meet with student groups over the next month’s meeting in October

§  Chairs/Volunteers will be needed for Post Prom 2020—next meeting –please think about volunteering

§  9th grade and transfer parent orientation went well. 

§  We got a good amount of emails that night to add to our email list


§  Giant A+ Rewards Program - We are set up for this school year. Make sure your bonus card is linked to PWHS

*Please go to (There will be a link on the PWHS-PTSO website.)

*In the red box labeled “For Customers” choose “Register My Card”

*Choose the option “Choose by ID”. PW’s ID # is 24128

You can choose to designate up to 2 schools from this option, BUT you have to have both ID numbers.

* Please wait for a Thank You confirming your request.

Need to sign up even if you are signed up each year as it is in perpetuity for the last school you signed up for, so you need to go in to resign in for a different school.  Can sign up for two schools.

§  9th, 10th and 11th Grade Level Events—JoAnn will work on chairing those and will need parent volunteers for each class

§  Concerns we have for emailing our Membership forms out instead of mailing a hard copy—possible solutions will be to send home copy with students in their Bonus blocks and the open house event.


Upcoming Events involving PTSO Volunteers:

-9/12 Picture Day

-9/12 Open House 7pm -Need volunteers to man Open House (Rose, Veronica, Helise, Lil, Paula Jones could each take a shift to hand out Membership forms and cookies—Helise will get the food/water) Will have a table at front and back entrances.

-Sept 17th/18th Senior make-up pics

-9/28 – Foundation day – PTSO will not have a table since there is no one to man it

10/8/ Powder Puff Snack Bar-need a few volunteers-done

-10/15 Parent Conferences 12-3pm (provide a snack?) Talk about in October meeting

-10/17 Parent Conferences 3:45-7pm (provide a snack?)


Additional Topics/Questions from the floor

Prom Pictures—be clear if professional pictures will be taken and where—for parents as well as students-Class of 2019 voted for a photo both over the regular professional pictures

Next meeting Wed, Oct 2nd


IN Attendance: Veronica Hammerstone; James McGlinchey; Scott Koval; Heather King (Asst Principal); Lisa Dunleavy; JoAnne Robinson; Cindy Rinehart; Barry Bosket; Dhruv Agarwal and Max Wittenberg (Student Reps); Kerry Carr; Gabrielle Mangon; John Mangon; Paula Jones; Lillian Fleming; Rose Williams; Teresa Parris; Helise Weiss