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PTSO Minutes 1-8-19

PW PTSO Agenda for 1/8/2019

                                                                    Started at 7:05pm; ended at 8:08pm

In attendance:  Chris Epstein, Lauri Mencken, Barry Bosket; Chris Young;Lillian Fleming; Kerry Carr; Gabrielle Mangan; John Mangan; Rose Williams,  Helise Weiss, Mr. Price, Virginia Rogers, Marianne McGuire; Paula Jones; Donna Harris; Mr. Price-Assistant Principal; Senior Student representative

Approval of last meetings Minutes: Approved by Barry and Lillian


Treasurer's Report:  not a whole lot of activity—still getting some donations.  There was confusion about dates for the Transfer Admission open house that was rescheduled and PTSO did not know.  Going forward they will let us know

For Giant $3475 in Giant Rewards program.  Closes May 1st and we had a really good sign up and are ahead in donations. 

Applied for the grant for Post Prom, but they had been looking at numbers of who went last year, as that might be a factor for how much the grant is, but it won't affect us this year.


Principal's Report (Asst. Principal):   Final exams are Jan 22-24th; Feb 6th is Semester 2 Open House at 7pm; PW was named one of the top STEM high schools in the country.   Program planning night is Feb 4th and is now combined with the new date of Admissions Open House.  March 2nd for Course Planning Selection.

Epstein:  Can we put a flyer out at table for the Course Planning night to get interested in helping the PTSO?   Yes, that is a good idea.

Teachers Report:  From College Counseling office: College planning night is April 14th; FAFSA workshop- Feb 6th at 4pm; College Counseling on Feb 6th at 6pm; Ms. Kaufman PW will be hosting MontCo Music event Fri, Feb 7th; Mr. Weiner Cupid's Cuties –encourage kids Feb 13th purchase flowers; Writing Center is open for special help during exam period; Feb 8th Photography student at the Drexel Exhibit; Mr. Carr was grateful for the extra money of $150 that we gave to the students for his field trip.

Epstein:  Is there a policy as to who picks up the money for field trips? School, students, Colonial Foundation, etc.

Mr. Price: It's budgeted—need to be approved ahead of time.  If someone has a last-minute trip would the teacher have to foot the bill? 

Mr. Young--Yes.  It is incumbent on the teachers to plan.  There is an application for the Foundation to pay for special things but not last minute.

Mr. Price- There is no padding for extra trips but if it is part of the curriculum it is part of that budget that can be planned later.

Student Report:    Wind down time for students.  Sophomores had their Santa holiday breakfast.  Seniors are having their Character Breakfast.  Cupid Cuties is in.  Going forward there should be a senior and a junior at every meeting, not just a senior.  Fall sports wrapped up, now winter sports in swing. 

M. McGuire:  Best Buddies is having a New Year's Party on Tuesday, Jan 13th 2:30-4pm, if anyone can help out. 

Presidents Report:

        Post Prom Update      

§  Meeting with students is Jan 16th during Bonus Blocks

§  Tuesday, Jan 21st (?) there will be a meeting with some of the seniors after school.  2:30pm. PTSO is welcome to attend. Ask Lisa for pictures. Maybe see if we can come in at the Senior trip meeting (Feb 19th), and talk about Post Prom.

§  Post Prom Meeting Jan 28th; 6:30pm, Room A27 all parents welcome

§  Discussion about in the future determining a more local venue that has easier transportation and parking like Valley Forge Convention Center or Lulu Shriners hall.  This year's venue is not only problematic for transportation to Prom, but also how to attract people to Post-Prom.  Still considering offering transportation to and back from school but will need planning. 


Upcoming Events involving PTSO Volunteers:

See the Post Prom events above


Additional Topics/Questions from the floor

Old business:  Some concerns brought up in a past meeting by parents were not addressed in the minutes from a previous meeting, and it was decided to go over the minutes through email for approval.


Barry: Reminder that the whole purpose of this group is about the welfare of the whole school population rather than individual student/teacher/group problems, and Dr. Bacani asked that we keep these meetings focused on the PTSO activities and concerns affecting groups and how PTSO can assist.


Can the Sunshine committee send something for (A.J. Clegg) trainer's family member's recent death? 


Motion made, 2nd motion for Sunshine committee -Lil will take care of it.


Next Meeting: 2/5/2020