PTSO Minutes 5-6-20

PW PTSO Meeting: 5-6-2020

Present at meeting:  Kerry Carr, C. Rinehart; Barry Bosket; Helise Weiss; Marianne McGuier ; Donna Harris; Jody Silverman, Lauri Mencken, Cindy Rhinehart, Carrie Dombrowsky, Sharyn Sterns, Lisa Dunleavy, Wendy Hotchkiss Kurtz, Eiizabeth Mishkin, D. Miller, Chris Epstein, Paula Jones,Dr.Bacani


Start- 7:06                                                                                                                      Adjourned- 8:29

Approval of last meetings Minutes :  Done through email.  .

Quick update on the 2020 Seniors Banner and Ribbons that will be on display in front of PW soon (Lisa Dunleavy) So much help from grounds--thank you for all of you for helping this project get this up and it will look amazing!

Principals Report:  
--All will be revealed in the next coming days as to how graduation, and other senior activities will be done this year with a layered approach.  Dr. Bacani met with senior students and together they came up with some good solutions that hopefully will celebrate the seniors in the right way.  

--Digital learning is challenging, effective and but this Friday the teachers will have an inservice for professional development for digital learning on ShowME and Zoom

---If Parents have ANY questions about their son or daughter's learning development, please know that teachers and counselors are available--please all them and touch base with them--we are here to help!


President's Report:

--Blankets are in the process of being ordered--total will be around $7000. We will check into driving and getting them versus shipping.  Also trying to secure before graduation date of June 10, but is out of control due to CoVid restrictions. Talked about handing out those as well as handing out YearBooks.  All TBD

--Marianne reported that at the end of the Giant donations, as of March 15th, we are at $6522.41!


Officers for the 2020-2021

Every position is open for 1 year.  Current board members: Lilian, Lauri, Helise and Kerry would like to remain on the board.  Lil is willing to remain treasurer.  Helise is interested in remaining in Hospitality.  Lauri is willing to take on Social Media. Kerry is interested in Vice President. Cindy/Lisa will support PTSO, but are not interested in continuing in an officer capacity.


President:  Donna Harris/Carrie Dombrowski volunteered to be co-presidents.  Donna will be a senior parent and Carrie is an incoming parent who has PTSO experience at the middle school.

Vice President: Paula Jones/Kerry Carr volunteered to co-VP this position

Secretary: Marianne Maguire volunteered

Treasurer: Lilian will stay

VP of Hospitality-Helise is fine in this role again.

VP of Social Media-- Lauri Mencken volunteered.

Voting was inconclusive until we can look up By-laws. [Edit:  Bylaws were checked and the members were voted in, since unopposed]


Outgoing board members were thanked for their contributions over the years.


Lauri mentioned the news about the Mettimano family, and requested a gift from the Sunshine fund.


Finally the board announced that they would contribute the $250 budgeted for the Coletta Senior Award again.  


Next meeting, although not originally schedule, was proposed for Wednesday June 3rd at 7pm, since there is still unknown about graduation plans.


Meeting adjourned.