Colonial's district-wide Fit Friday encouraged students to keep moving
Two girls doing a standing yoga pose along with a man on TV

Plymouth Elementary students Avery and Michaela Tompkins doing yoga with Whitemarsh Elementary teacher Jeff Yeakel

Colonial School District students recently took a day to focus on physical education in a district-wide Fit Friday. 

The K-12 Physical Education department used the opportunity to emphasize why movement is important, how movement affects mindset and the importance of physical activity.

"My girls had so much fun with each of the activities planned for Fit Friday," said Plymouth Elementary Parent Nancy Perez. "Thanks for organizing such a great event for the Colonial students!" 

The elementary Physical Education teachers recorded videos to lead their students in warmups and stretches and teach them fun activities and games they can play alone or with their family members. The middle school teachers encouraged their students to select exercises from a choice board. The high school teachers took their students through a 45-minute full body workout. 

Students who sent in pictures of themselves doing the activities were put into a drawing to receive a Colonial Strong t-shirt.

Fit Friday Photos

Conshohocken Elementary School

Plymouth Elementary School

Ridge Park Elementary School

Whitemarsh Elementary School

Colonial Elementary School

Colonial Middle School

Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

Congratulations to the winners of the Colonial Strong t-shirts:

Grade K:

  • CE: Natalie Regan 
  • PE: Avery Tompkins 
  • RP: Virginia Leonard
  • WE: William Harris 

Grade 1:

  • CE: Wilson Ramsden 
  • PE: Maya Johnston 
  • RP: Richard Johnson 
  • WE: Kaylie Olowolafe 

Grade 2:

  • CE: Miles Bryson 
  • PE: Olivia Tallarico
  • RP: Sadie Swetkowski 
  • WE: Noah Pizzi 

Grade 3:

  • CE: Sadie Keys
  • PE: Ella Gidaro 
  • RP: Leighton Hollenbeck 
  • WE: Emily Dinofa 

Grade 4:

  • Gabrielle Drossner
  • Liam Ward

Grade 5:

  • Lilly Colonna 
  • Conor Dinh 

Grade 6:

  • Lainey Yontef 
  • Matthew Fernley

Grade 7:

  • Sachita Upadhya 
  • Jonah Reid 

Grade 8:

  • Olivia Eaton 
  • Aniruth Sriram Konda Ramkumar 

Grade 9:

  • Alexandra Papadopoulos 
  • Jacob Kiker 

Grade 10:

  • Chloe Balcer 
  • Michaela Rodenbaugh 

Grade 11:

  • Erving Scutching 
  • Bryanna Byrne 

Grade 12:

  • Cho Tak John Sun 
  • Kayla Link