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PE recognizes bus drivers during National School Bus Safety Week and beyond

Plymouth Elementary School (PE) celebrated National School Bus Safety Week with coffee and donuts — and handmade thank you cards — for the drivers on Friday, October 25.

Four adults wearing safety vests. Two holding breakfast items. Two holding thank you cards.


"I enjoy being a bus driver, because we get to spend time and form a bond with the kids," said Kyle Butler. "You also get to see them grow through the years. I've seen my kindergarteners from last year, who are my first graders this year, teaching the new kindergarteners how to act and behave on the bus. It's interesting to watch them progress."

PE Principal Rosemarie Gregitis and Assistant Principal Kelly Udovich check with the bus drivers every day for a report on the school's positive behavior incentive plan, called the Safe Rider Program.

"We ask the children to sit with their backs to the back of the bus, bottoms on the seat, their feet out of the aisles, and their voices quiet, so their drivers can focus on being safe," said PE Principal Rosemarie Gregitis. "Overall, we're hearing from the bus drivers that it's having positive results." 

A bulletin board in the school lobby charts the days when students behave well on the bus. The first event for buses who reached a certain goal was a dance party in the gym. Now, the students are working toward a second recess with the school mascot on the upper field. 

Thanks again to all of the bus drivers in the Colonial School District for keeping students safe on the ride to and from school!