Making A Difference: The SOUPer Bowl
Four children holding cans of soup

At Plymouth and Whitemarsh Elementary Schools, students are excited about the Eagles being in the Super Bowl, but they're also seeing the event as a chance to give back to their community.

The two schools spent the week before the game collecting canned goods for the Colonial Neighborhood Council through a project known as the SOUPer Bowl.

"It's really cool, because when you say Super Bowl, it's like 'soup' is in part of Super Bowl," said Vaishnavi Gumaste, a second grade student at Plymouth Elementary. "Also, some people might not have food, so it's a nice thing to do."

Plymouth Elementary

This is the first year for the event at Plymouth Elementary, who made the connection once the Eagles landed the Super Bowl spot.

"Our Spirit Team does a lot of collections, usually around holidays, like Thanksgiving drives and food baskets," said Plymouth Elementary Principal Rosemarie Gregitis. "This is one that we've done that's out of the ordinary, but it fits in perfectly for this year's Super Bowl."

Whitemarsh Elementary

Five children holding donated foodAt Whitemarsh Elementary, Gym Teacher Jeff Yeakel has been heading up a SOUPer Bowl for the past five or six years, where students can choose who they want to win the game by putting their donated food into the bin decorated for a particular team. This year, they've had to add an additional bin for the Eagles donations.

"It's a bit lopsided in our cans out there, but it's fun," said Mr. Yeakel. "It's a way to bring the community together and to show the kids to not just think of themselves but to think of others."

While the bins at Whitemarsh for the Eagles donations were brimming with cans, last count found seven cans in the bin for the Patriots.

Together, the schools collected more than 800 cans for needy families in the Colonial community.

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Making A Difference: The SOUPer Bowl