Making A Difference: The Great Kindness Challenge
Girl giving police officer a high five


The last week in January brought The Great Kindness Challenge to the Colonial School District.

Conshohocken Elementary School (CE), Plymouth Elementary School (PE) and Ridge Park Elementary School (RP) celebrated the event with activities and morning meeting discussions that focused on kindness. 

"All week is kindness week," said Addy Scharkozy, a CE second grade student. "Everybody's being kind." 

Early in the week, CE and PE welcomed students with a kindness tunnel, where staff, families, community members gave students high fives and encouraging words on their way into the building. Conshohocken Borough Police joined in the fun at CE, while Plymouth Township Police and Harmonville Fire Company visited PE. 

Around school, the Great Kindness Challenge checklist gave the students 50 ideas of kind things to do, like smiling at people, slipping a note in a friend's backpack, recycling your trash and saying "thank you" to the crossing guard. The challenge was to see how many they can check off the list in a week.

Three students at table with paper getting ready to make posters


"If someone's having a bad day, you can be kind to them," said Amiyah Alvarez, a CE second grade student. "You can say hi, give them a high five or give them a hug."

During guidance classes at PE and recess at CE, students participated in kindness centers that focused on making a small present for someone else, such as a bookmark, a compliment card, a poster or a paper bracelet.

"I'm making a card for my Dad, because he makes me happy," said Anthony Bono, a PE kindergartener. 

"My favorite activity is making the bee bracelets," said Addy. "I made them for my friends and my Mom."

At Ridge Park Elementary School, students participated in dress up days and celebrated "kindness week" during The Great Kindness Challenge. The event was a lead-in to February, where students will be performing different kind acts each day for the month. 

child wearing sunglasses in classroom


This is CE's third year taking part in The Great Kindness Challenge and the first year for PE and RP. The goal of The Great Kindness Challenge is to empower the students to create a culture of kindness that continues at their school.