Making A Difference: PWHS Baseball Team

While the pandemic may have canceled their 2020 season, it has not stopped the Plymouth Whitemarsh High School (PWHS) Baseball Team from giving back to the community. 

Supporting the ALS Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter

seven boys holding tshirts

Left to right: PWHS Baseball Team members: Ryan Coscia (senior), Joe Rauscher (senior), Joe Redmond (junior), Luke Caucci (sophomore), Nick Bak-Boychuk (freshman), Colin Brady (freshman), Timmy Murphy (freshman)

In December, players from the team visited the home of Dan and Bryanna Hare in Northeast Philadelphia. They helped decorate the house for the holidays, worked on the yard and started converting a room for Dan, who has been confined to a wheelchair due to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.  

"The team and I strung lights on the front of the house and put up more decorations throughout the yard," said PWHS Sophomore Luke Caucci, who also plays middle infield/outfield for the team. "My favorite part of the day was fixing the back door handle with Coach Boyd, because it will leave a longer lasting impact than the Christmas decorations."

The team counts The ALS Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter as one of many recipients of time and talents from the team. 

"The past year has given all of our guys some perspective," said PWHS Head Coach Chris Manero. "One of the most important parts of their lives (playing baseball) was taken away from them. They know what it feels like not to be able to do everything they love, and that experience can be powerful in aiding them to do things for others."

Giving back to younger players

Over the Winter Break, members of the team also worked in pairs to hold virtual workshops for young players. The topics included General Baseball Talk, Hitting, Catching, Infield and Outfield.

"I think the most important thing that these little leaguers can get out of these clinics is information and little details that can help them as they get older," said Lucas Gilbert, PWHS Senior and outfielder for the Colonials. "I hope that the things that we tell these kids can motivate them to be better and eventually play in our positions in the future."

"It helped kids get a better understanding of the game and what it takes to play at the high school level," added PWHS Junior and Third Baseman Jesse Jaconski. "But I think the most important thing they got out of these clinics is to have fun. Baseball is baseball. You get to go out and play a game you love with your friends." 

More than 30 little leaguers attended the online clinics. 

"When we talk about demonstrating our core values on the field, demonstrating them off the field is equally as important," said Coach Manero. "Opportunities to give back to the community help our players to put their leadership skills into action and show integrity — both of which are part of what we want our players to show when they wear our uniform each day during the season."