Making A Difference: Pajama Day at Plymouth Elementary

seven children wearing their pajamas in a classroomPlymouth Elementary School (PE) students recently celebrated Pajama Day by wearing their pajamas to school — and supporting the patients at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

"It's fun to wear pajamas to school because they're soft, and we can play with our friends in pajamas," said PE kindergartner, Tommy Verica.

Pajama Day is a fundraiser organized by CHOP that encourages schools in the region to join in a Pajama Party. A parent sent PE the information about the event, and the PE Spirit Team ran with it: promoting the event and encouraging PE students to make a small donation to CHOP in order to wear their pajamas for a day.

"It's good to raise money [for CHOP], because if the kids get sick and they don't have the medicine that they need, the hospital can find more medicine and cure the kids," said Anna Hartel, PE first grader.

PE's Pajama Day raised $2020 for the cause.

Making A Difference: Pajama Day at Plymouth Elementary