Making A Difference: Being the I in Kind at Ridge Park Elementary
Girl makes letter I in large word Kind on wall


For the month of December, students at Ridge Park Elementary School (RP) focused on the concept of kindness as part of the District-wide school climate program known as Rachel's Challenge. 

Each class visited the lobby where the children were photographed "Being the I in Kind." The wall featured a mural of the word KIND with the letter I missing. Each student took a turn standing in its place.

"Being the I in Kind means to be kind to everyone you see" said RP First Grader Skylar Saracena. "Because being kind makes other people want to be kind to other people, and then you get a lot of kindness back to you."

The students also talked about different ways to be kind.

"You can say kind words and say you can play with them at recess," said RP First Grader Jase Fogg. 

At the elementary level, Rachel's Challenge focuses on addressing problems like isolation, prejudice and bullying by encouraging students to use kind words and perform simple acts of kindness.