Making A Difference: Alex's Lemonade Stand at PWHS
approximate 30 students sitting in rows in auditorium


by Caitlin Turner, PWHS Class of 2019

September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness month, and National Honor Society (NHS) officers at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School (PWHS) were inspired to hold many events throughout the month of September in order to raise money for the cause through the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. This foundation changes the lives of children with cancer by raising awareness, funding research, supporting families and much more.

The NHS officers — Brooke Dunoff, Seth Elkins, Brooklynn Haasis, David Brucker, Audrey Trainer, Emma Smith and Cara Waite — all decided to take action to revive Alex's Lemonade Stand Club at PWHS.

"When I was at DECA States earlier this year, Alex's mom came and spoke about service, and I thought it was really awesome what they're doing, because everyone's heard of Alex's Lemonade," said Brooke Dunoff, the President of NHS. "I thought it was really interesting, and I wanted to see if we could get Alex's mom to speak here, and then Patrick Scott, Alex's brother, ended up confirming to speak here."

Raising money and awareness during lunches

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The club has done many events at lunches during the week of September 24-28 in order to encourage student participation and donations. These events include pool noodle fights, pie in the face, miracle minute or asking for students to donate spare change. The National Honor Society has also been selling yellow wristbands that read, "Plymouth Whitemarsh Lemon Month".

Although the officers don't have a specific overall financial goal, they do have small ones they hope to accomplish during lunches. "We have everyday goals at lunch like if we get 50 dollars we do this and if we get 100 dollars we do this, but the goal is to raise as much money as possible," said Emma Smith, the NHS Community Coordinator.

Inviting family to speak

On October 30, Patrick Scott will give a speech in the PWHS auditorium, and the National Honor Society will present the money they raised during the September events, all of which will go to the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation to fight childhood cancer.

Making A Difference: Alex's Lemonade Stand at PWHS