Kindergarteners learn about habitats
smiling boy with cardboard box decorated with paper sea life.

PE kindergartener Kai Hussain with his undersea habitat diorama. 

As part of their science unit, kindergarteners across the Colonial School District learned about animal habitats. 

After finding out that a habit includes what animals eat and drink and where it takes shelter, the children went out into their yards and other natural areas. They observed birds in the trees, rabbits in the grass and even fish and crabs down the shore. 

"Habitats are important, because they keep animals safe," said Maddie Reed, kindergartener at Plymouth Elementary School (PE). 

For the culminating project, each student selected an animal and either drew a picture or created a diorama that depicted their animal, its shelter and what it eats and drinks.

"My favorite part was learning about the habitat. I have been to a lot of different oceans, so I took what I knew from my trips, and what I learned in class, and used it for this project," said PE kindergartener Kai Hussain. "While building the habitat, my favorite part was adding the shells, most of them I found in Ocean City, New Jersey, with my grandparents."

Below is a video of Maddie Reed describing her habitat project: