Important Tax Legislation Issue
Last week the Pennsylvania House Commerce Committee approved HB1213. A piece of legislation that, if enacted, would negatively impact the Colonial School District. HB1213 enables significant property tax reductions for commercial properties at the expense of homeowners. Colonial's tax base is 40-percent commercial.

Please view this video clip from Solicitor Jeff Sultanik who, during the Colonial School Board meeting on May 18, described the legislation and its possible impact. As Mr. Sultanik notes, Colonial and other Montgomery County school districts could lose more than $7 million each in annual tax revenue.

Please click here to go to a PSBA Action Page to contact your local legislators and urge them to stop HB1213. Note: you may need to edit the first sentence of the form letter.

Please consider signing our online petition to stop HB1213. The petition will automatically be sent to the bill's sponsors and other legislators.

Finally, at the advice of the MCIU's Director of Community and Government Relations, please contact anyone you know in the Phoenixville, Great Valley and Tredyfrin-Easttown school districts and ask them to contact the bill's sponsor, Rep. Warren Kampf, directly "to let him know the financial harm that will come to their districts" if HB1213 passes.

Please share this information with as many people as possible.