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Honoring heroes and America on 9/11
Large group of children waving small American flags


To recognize Patriot's Day, the anniversary of 9/11/01, Whitemarsh Elementary School (WE) and Ridge Park Elementary School (RP) honored our country and first responders.

WE held a ceremony that took part at the flagpole in front of the school. The children sang patriotic songs and passed out thank you notes to first responders. Representatives from first, second and third grade also shared their thoughts about life in the United States. The third graders wrote about what made them proud to be Americans. 

students wearing patriotic colors


"I know I am free, and no one can tell me who I can or cannot play with," said WE third grader Lily Greis. "I feel safe at home and at Whitemarsh."

"I have equal rights and I am safe," said classmate Juliet Tizer. "America believes in treating people fairly."

At RP, children dressed in red, white and blue. 

"We're showing our patriotism in honor of 9/11," said RP Principal Eileen Carr. "We recognize the day by celebrating our country and the people who protect it."

Other schools honored Patriot's Day in their individual classrooms during morning meetings or other lessons.