Firefighters visit Ridge Park Elementary School

Two firefighters, one putting on a jacket, standing in front of a gymnasium full of students.October is traditionally fire prevention month but students at Ridge Park Elementary School (RP) know that every day is fire prevention day. Recently, members of the Harmonville Fire Company visited with RP students to discuss fire safety and demonstrate the tools of their trade.

Battalion Chief Michael Sturm, the son of RP Teacher Donna Sturm, led the assembly with several members of his Crew.

"I always knew that you had to stop, drop and roll, but today I learned that you also have to cover your face,” said third grader Lily English. “I am really thankful that the firefighters are there to help us when we need them.”

In addition to “Stop, Drop and Roll” the firefighters reminded students to call 9-1-1 whenever there is an emergency and work with their families to designate a meeting place outside of the house in the event of a fire.

“I was surprised to find out that fires are not always out in the open and can be hiding,” said third grader Callie Krauss.

Female teacher wearing firefighting suit greets students.Added classmate Ben Kane, “The assembly made me think about how brave our firefighters really are.”

The Harmonville Fire Company has been serving the Colonial community since 1924.














Firefighters in full gear walk among students seated at the assembly.