Elementary students participate in virtual tree planting

Colonial School District's traditional celebration of Arbor Day took place online this year, but that offered an opportunity for even more students to participate in the fun, thanks to livestreaming technology.

On April 30, the Curriculum Department and Facilities Department teamed up to plant a coral bark Japanese maple tree outside Plymouth Whitemarsh High School. Before putting the tree in the ground, Curriculum Supervisor Maria Wileczek and Turf Management Supervisor Gene Kelly talked to students through a live broadcast about the reason trees are important and about the history of Arbor Day itself. To watch the broadcast, click here. 

Mrs. Wileczek focused on the science, telling students about how trees produce oxygen through the process of

photosynthesis, while Mr. Kelly taught students about the best methods for planting trees and about the type of tree being planted. 

Arbor Day celebration


Students were able to ask questions during the livestream, and were curious to know how some trees, like the sequoias of northern California, are able to grow large enough for cars to be driven through them. Mrs. Wileczek and Mr. Kelly noted that trees can grow large when they have lots of space to grow and when other conditions, such as temperature and access to water, are just right. 

Over the last several years, trees have been planted at each K-3 school on Arbor Day with kindergarteners assisting with the planting. This year, the event had to be reimagined due to COVID restrictions, but the virtual celebration allowed for participation by all schools.