David's Bridal partners with the PWHS internship program
Woman in front of classroom talking to students at desks. Prom dresses hang in background.

One in three brides in America gets married in a gown from David's Bridal, an international chain that has more than 300 stores -- and its corporate headquarters in Conshohocken. It takes a large and varied workforce to run, stock and support the growing operation, and students at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School (PWHS) will have a chance to explore the different areas as part of the school's internship program.

"I think that a lot of kids, when they think of retail, think they can work at the window at McDonalds or as a cashier at Macy's," explained Jennifer Hausmann, Merchandising Communications Manager and Special Projects Manager for David's Bridal. "For a retail company as big as ours, the opportunities are really endless. They can do anything from being a professional photographer shooting on location in Mexico to working in our accounting department and matching up invoices and working to optimize the finances of the company."

Recently, representatives from David's Bridal came to Plymouth Whitemarsh High School to talk about the company and share some of these opportunities with students who will be taking the internship class in the spring.

"An internship gives them a head start. They are our future workforce, and it's really good to get them engaged now before they start college, because then they can get an idea of what they want to focus on in college," said Marissa Sanders, Divisional Merchandise Manager, Special Occasion Area. "At David's Bridal, we really like to give back to the community. When I heard about this program, I thought it was a great opportunity for us."

In addition to providing internships in merchandising, marketing, human resources, finance and IT, David's Bridal will also offer tours and job shadowing to PWHS students interested in those areas.

Are you part of a company that would be interested in providing real-world experiences for PWHS students?

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