CSD educators honored during Teacher Appreciation Week

In a year where teachers have faced many challenges, it seems more important than ever to show appreciation and gratitude toward the men and women who have done their best to keep school going, whether it was online or in-person or both. Colonial School District students and parents didn't hesitate to express their thanks during Teacher Appreciation Week, which took place from May 3 to 7.

On Tuesday, May 4, which was designated as Teacher Appreciation Day, the Plymouth Whitemarsh High School varsity baseball team took time out from their game against Lower Moreland to honor teachers who were special to them.

Senior players each selected and wrote an introduction about a teacher who had made an impact on them. The students' words were read aloud by an announcer before the game started, and each teacher came forward to accept a game ball

from their student. Those honored included Bob Slagle, Michelle McLoughlin, Chris McWilliams, Steve Slack, Chris Young, Jim Carr, TJ Delucia, Bob Culp, Rich Coletta, Dana Moyer, and Michael Wimmer. 

The players noted that their teachers did more than just help them learn about various subjects - they also demonstrate caring, compassion, and support.

Pitcher Joe Rauscher noted of his history teacher, Mr. Culp: "Even though history was my least favorite subject, I was always engaged and interested in all his classes. Mr. Culp has left a lasting impact on me, because of how much more fun school became after I took his class."

Parents also took time to express appreciation for teachers by decorating schools and providing other treats. At Plymouth Elementary School, teachers arrived at the beginning of the week to a school that had been covered with balloons and signs with positive messages. The sidewalks leading into the school were also chalked with expressions of gratitude and colorful images. Colonial Elementary School's entryway was also decorated with balloons to celebrate all that teachers have done this year, and a food truck funded by the PTO and Principal Rose Rock visited on Thursday.