Conshohocken Police team with CE for Bike Day
Girl on a bicycle riding a path marked by cones with a teacher watching


Conshohocken Elementary welcomed Officer Steve Vallone from the Conshohocken Police Department to help the children get ready for summer during the school's annual Bike Day.

To prepare for the event, the students watched a video about bike safety and then moved outside to different stations on the playground. The stations included an obstacle course, a crafts area where they decorated bicycle helmets and a popsicle station. For the obstacle course, students practiced riding a bike on a windy path, approaching a stop sign, demonstrating looking both ways and making eye contact to make sure drivers see them. Second and third graders also completed short self-assessments on their riding skills and knowledge of bicycle safety. 

"With summer approaching, more and more of our community children will be spending time riding their bikes in town and with friends," said Conshohocken Elementary Principal, TC Boegly. "If we can work collaboratively with the Conshohocken Police Department to help build our students’ knowledge of how to safely operate their bikes, it is certainly a win-win!"  

Police officer in uniform with a child's bike.


Conshohocken Elementary and the police department were also able to donate a new bike helmet to any student who didn’t have one as part of the event. 




Conshohocken Police team with CE for Bike Day