Colonial's elementary schools celebrate kindness

The Great Kindness Challenge took over Colonial School District's elementary schools for a week of recognizing, celebrating and performing acts of kindness. 

"We should take a week to focus on kindness so we can be nicer in the future and gain more friends," said Conshohocken Elementary School (CE) second grader Alex Ammons. "Having more friends is fun."

The students took part in kindness activities, discussed kindness during Morning Meetings and brainstormed ways to be kind. Conshohocken Elementary School kicked off the event with the car parade depicted in the accompanying slide show.

"Some of my favorite ways to show kindness are giving people little gifts and notes that make people feel better," said CE second grader Riley Enoch.

Girl with hair decorated as a bird's nest and girl with hair that looks like pouring soda

Students at Plymouth Elementary School were "Crazy for Kindness" by wearing a crazy hairstyle or mismatched clothes.

In addition to different classroom activities, the children participated in different theme days throughout the week. At Plymouth Elementary School, those included a pajama day ('Dreaming of Kindness"), "Kindness Ties Us Together" (wear a tie or bow), "Shine Bright with Kindness" (wear neon or bright colors), "Crazy for Kindness" (wear a crazy hairstyle or mismatched clothes) and "Team Kind" to where school spirit wear.

"Celebrating and focusing on kindness help the children to become aware of their actions and build positive relationships with their peers," added CE Teacher Courtland Jackson. "It also helps the children learn to distinguish and categorize between behaviors."

The week of kindness activities inspired Ridge Park Elementary first grader Coraline Ninglekhu to write and record a song.