Colonial welcomes students back to school!

Teacher hugging student next to school bus.The Colonial School District welcomed back to school more than 5,300 students on September 3. Students in grades 1-12 reported for classes at the District's seven schools. Kindergarten students will undergo screening and orientation this week. Their first full day of school will be Monday, September 9.

The beginning of the school year traditionally marks the end of the summer for students and parents.

"It's bittersweet," said Andrea Smith, who has a first grader at Conshohocken Elementary. "I feel sad, but I'm happy because it's exciting for them to be starting their new journey."

There was plenty of excitement at Colonial Elementary School where students returned to find a renovated cafeteria and two new classrooms.

In response to the ongoing enrollment increase, one classroom was added to both the second and third floors of the building by transforming two large classrooms and a storage space between them into three classrooms. Additionally, in the cafeteria, former storage and office space was removed to expand the student service area which will now accommodate an additional 60-70 students.

"Day one in the new cafeteria was awesome," explained Principal Rose Rock. "Students had a lot more room and the new sound panels look great and help with the noise. The new bottle filler and water fountain were quite popular."

On the first floor, looker room space connected to the gymnasium is being converted into three classrooms. Overall the school will have five new classrooms when renovations are completed.

"The new rooms look beautiful," Mrs. Rock said. "Needless to say, these are going to be coveted locations."

wide shot of classroom with teacher standing and addressing students seated at tables.The opening of a new school year brings increased traffic on local roads. To help keep our students safe traveling to and from school, motorists are asked to use caution and keep alert for school buses and student pedestrians. Click here to view the PennDot bus safety webpage.






Teacher directs students entering the school.