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Colonial welcomes Kindergartners

teacher kneeling by a desk helping a students with plastic blocksThe Colonial School District (CSD) welcomed 439 kindergartners to school the week of September 9.

The previous week, the prospective members of the Plymouth Whitemarsh High School Class of 2032 went through screening and orientation. They met with their teachers and had an opportunity to meet some of their new classmates. Parents also met their child's teacher and got a sense of what the kindergartners' day will involve.

Now in its 15th year in the CSD, full-day kindergarten provides more time for children and teachers to explore topics in depth and allows for greater continuity of day-to-day activities. Each day, the children participate in engaging, hands-on activities while learning to live, work and play with other children their own age.

During the first week of school, each kindergartner will wore T-Shirts in the color of his or her class.