Colonial celebrates first day of school
Four girls standing and smiling at the camera


Colonial School District kicked off the 2018-2019 school year on Tuesday, September 4, by welcoming back more than 5,200 students.

"My favorite part of the first day of school was meeting new kids," said Roman, a fifth grader at Colonial Elementary School. "I have a teacher that I know, and there are a couple friends in my class. It's going to be really fun this year."

In addition to seeing new and familiar faces, the students also spent time anticipating what they're going to learn.

"I'm most looking forward to learning science, because I like doing experiments," said Kaiane, who is also in fifth grade.

Teachers, aides and many other ten-month staff members officially returned to the District the last week in August. The instructional staff participated in several days of professional development to help roll out some new strategies and resources and also had time to set up their classrooms.

"The first day of school is one of my favorite days of the year. The facilities look great. The teachers and staff are ready. The kids are excited to be here and happy to see their friends," said Dr. Michael Christian, Superintendent of Schools. "There's a lot of potential in the air. We're looking forward to seeing the growth and achievements that will take place this year."

Colonial celebrates first day of school