Colonial announces eight new Master Teachers
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The Colonial School District Curriculum Department is proud to announce the new Master Teachers for 2019-2021.

The new Master Teachers include: Susan Burns (Colonial Elementary), Amy Campbell (Conshohocken Elementary), Brooke Carpenter (Colonial Middle School), Rich Madel (Plymouth Whitemarsh High School), Tom Ortlieb (Plymouth Whitemarsh High School), Erin Powers (Plymouth Whitemarsh High School), Jennifer Ramsden (Plymouth Elementary) and Josh Rothstein (Colonial Middle School).  

The Master Teacher program is an incentive program unique to the Colonial School District that encourages experienced teachers to explore key areas related to the District goals and share their knowledge and expertise with other teachers.  

"It's a nice validation for the work that we do in the classroom," said Mr. Ortlieb. "Sometimes I question myself: Am I doing what I need to be doing to be able to meet the needs of these learners? This is a way of saying that I am. So that's one aspect that's great. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can take from other Master Teachers to improve as well."

As a Master Teacher, participants take on personal projects to explore, as well as learn more about key District initiatives K-12.

"In the K-3 world, you don't always get to see what they're doing in the middle school or in the high school," said Mrs. Campbell, who will be in her second term as a Master Teacher. "Some initiatives that they're doing might not trickle down and transfer as well, but some of them do. Just knowing where the road is leading is helpful."

The new Master Teachers are also responsible for duties like organizing and leading professional development sessions in the District, mentoring new teachers, writing curriculum, exploring new resources and planning parent outreach programs. The Master Teacher program is overseen by Plymouth Elementary School Assistant Principal Kelly Udovich and Curriculum Supervisor Edward Merk.