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CMS hosts first of two Career Days
student using stethoscope


Colonial Middle School (CMS) seventh graders learned about different careers through presentations by professionals visiting for Career Day on April 12.

"I went to registered nurse, interior designer and cake artist," said CMS Student Ella Gibbons. "Interior design sparked my interest, because I love expressing myself through colors, and I like matching in a creative space."

The event began with a keynote address in the auditorium by Emily Delaney, a Systems Engineer for Lockheed Martin. The students were then able to select which careers they wanted to explore.

"One of the things I love about what we're doing here for helping young people is to give them choices that they can do anything they want to once they put their mind to it," said Alexander Young who talked to the students about being a Fitness and Nutrition Coach.

The school will host a second Career Day on May 17. If you'd like to participate and speak with middle school students about your profession, please contact Denise Marks, Director of Development and Curriculum Supervisor for Career Readiness, at 610-834-1670, ext. 2151, or click here to send an email.