CMS contest features innovative entries made from Peeps
Girl with picture of peep art


While most people enjoy marshmallow Peeps as a sugary treat, several students at Colonial Middle School (CMS) used the Peeps to make art. 

The CMS Art Club and Student Council challenged their peers to recreate a famous scene from art, history, or popular culture. The piece could use any materials, including other candies, but Peeps needed to play a starring role. 

"My favorite part about working with Peeps was how unexpected and out of the ordinary they are to work with," said Mary Kate Casey, CMS seventh grader and winner of the CMS Peeps Contest. "I also liked how the inner marshmallow was like a self-sealing glue."

Mary Kate's first-prize-winning piece, "Jurassic Peep," featured a large dinosaur made of Peeps over a colorful landscape. Other submissions to the CMS Peeps Contest depicted the first moon landing, the Peep Vail Regatta, Iwo Jima, scenes from Harry Potter movies, and artwork by Keith Haring. 

The designs also made their way to the Pennsylvania Art Educators Association (PAEA) 2021 Peeps Contest that focused particularly on highlighting famous artists and their work. CMS Seventh Grader Mia Van Collie earned Best in Show in the PAEA contest and a monetary prize for her piece. 

girl holding art made of peeps


"My inspiration came from last year when we learned about Keith Haring in art class. When I looked at all the different color peeps, I thought the peeps had almost every color Keith Haring used in his artwork," said Mia. "I chose to feature a heart, because everyone could benefit from a little more love."