CMS and PWHS working toward one Learning Management System

While the students were off the Friday of Presidents Day weekend, Colonial Middle School (CMS) and Plymouth Whitemarsh High School (PWHS) teachers took the day to explore Canvas.

Man showing another man something on a laptop computer


Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) where — next year — CMS and PWHS students will be able to find all of their courses and assignments in one location.

"It streamlines it for everyone, which is a good thing," said CMS Teacher Cyndie Slagle. "I'm looking forward to learning something new." 

Many Colonial teachers already use Canvas, while others have spaces in Google Classroom or on Edmodo. 

The push to have one consistent LMS led to the formation of a committee in the spring of 2019. Teachers from CMS and PWHS looked into the choices and even piloted a promising LMS called Schoology.  In the end, the group settled on Canvas. The committee particularly liked Canvas's online assessments, flexible calendar, easy-to-use discussion boards and other communication tools, as well as a practical course structure and layout. Canvas also integrates with many of the components of Google that are helpful, such as documents and storage.   

"The District is looking toward moving to more blended cyberlearning. In order to maximize that, we need to be under one umbrella when it comes to learning via the Internet and using devices in the classroom," said Edward Merk, Curriculum Supervisor who oversaw the committee and is helping to guide the move to one LMS.