Celebrating Veterans Day at Colonial's K-3 elementary schools
Girl holding photograph with two adults in military uniforms and two small children

Violet Snyder from Conshohocken Elementary sharing a picture of her Grandpa and Grandma who were both in the Navy 

Throughout Colonial School District, students honored former and current military members — including many family members — for Veterans Day.

"They saved our country," said Plymouth Elementary (PE) kindergartener Nithin Soundar.

At Colonial's K-3 schools, children brought in pictures of relatives who served in the military, and teachers incorporated the pictures into slideshows that also featured the pledge of allegiance and patriotic songs. At Ridge Park Elementary School, retired teacher Donna Sturm created grade-level videos. 

"My favorite part was seeing my grandfather [on the slideshow]," said Bailey Kurtz, a PE kindergartener.

And at Whitemarsh Elementary School, some veterans visited the classrooms through Zoom. In Mrs. Bell's class, Christian Bracchi was joined by his father Matt Bracchi, who showed the students his Air Force uniform and his medals. Ms. Malarski's father joined her class.  

The children were also encouraged to wear red, white and blue.