Colonial School Board speaks out on gun violence

Group photo of school board.At their public business meeting on March 15, the Colonial Board of School Directors unanimously passed a resolution calling for stringent legislation to curb gun violence and protect the safety of students and teachers in schools. The resolution calls for the prohibition of assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines, enforcing and strengthening laws to limit access to firearms and munitions, increasing funding for school safety and security initiatives and increasing funding for student and community mental health services.

"Our students are leading on the issues of gun violence prevention and student safety," said Adam Schupack, the primary author of the resolution. "The Board felt it was important to add our voice in support of our students, teachers and staff on these critical issues."

"It is important for us to call on others who can control this issue to take action," added School Board President Felix Raimondo. "It is past time for our state and federal legislators to work together and enact meaningful measures to address gun violence and student safety. And, it is up to us as a School Board and a broader Colonial community to make sure they get that message."

In addition to addressing weapons, Board member Cathy Peduzzi pointed out it is important that the resolution also addresses increased funding for mental health services and research into the causes of and solutions to gun violence.

Board member Mel Brodsky stated that all Board members have children and grandchildren in District schools and are vested in increasing school safety. In supporting the resolution, he expressed appreciation for the inclusive process and open dialogue that took place in crafting the Board's message.

Policy Committee Chair Jennifer Dow agreed.

"It's important for everyone to know that this is the unified voice of the Colonial School Board and the safety of our students is our highest priority," she said.

Click here to read the resolution.


Colonial School Board speaks out on gun violence