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CSDEF Teacher Grant Request Form

CSDEF Teacher Grant Rubric


Rating Scale




Describe the educational project you are proposing.

Description completely and effectively describes the proposed project. The purpose is evident and aligns to the Foundation’s mission.

Description partially describes the proposed project, with only some detail included. Aspects and purpose are difficult to understand.

Description is vague. A purpose statement is lacking and/or does not align to the mission.

How will the project enhance and/or enrich the experiences of your students?

Response articulates how students’ experiences will be enriched and/or enhanced with specificity and accuracy.

Some details of how students’ experiences will be enhanced and/or enriched are included.

The project does not indicate at any level it will enhance and/or enrich the experiences of students.

What is the timeline for implementation, evidence of impact (or real change) for students, and anticipated outcomes?

The specifics for when implementation of the project will occur, when an impact upon students’ experiences will be evident, and when the anticipated outcomes for students will become available, are all clearly identified and delineated.

Aspects of the requested timeline for implementation, impact upon students, and outcomes are included while others are missing. Timeline is incomplete.

The majority of the requested timeline information is missing. It is unclear when any of the three major portions, implementation, impact upon students, and outcomes, will become available.

Budget outline

The specifics for the budget outline are all realistic, cost effective and provide a detail of expenditures.

Some aspects of the budget are not realistic, cost effective or provide a detail of expenditures.

Very little to no information is provided on the budget outline.

Scoring Guide




Approval Status
(assuming funds are available)

Grant proposal approved.

Grant proposal approval contingent upon additional information being provided by the requestor as stipulated.

Grant proposal does not meet the criteria for approval at this time.


$18,000+ donation from Subaru will cover free summer meals program

The free summer meals program will be available at Conshohocken Elementary School and Plymouth Elementary School this summer. There is no paperwork to participate in the program. Food Services personnel will serve any interested child age 18 or under at the school during the designated hours.

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