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Thank you to our 2021-2022 donors

Founding ($15,000+)

John Kennedy Subaru

Champion ($10,000-$14,999)

Feel the Love Donors

Firstrust Bank

Honor ($5,000-$7,499)

Slawek Orthodontics

Scholar ($2,500-$4,999)

ASTM International

Susan Gringeri

Innovator ($1,000-$2,400)

Boys of 92

Brenner Family Foundation

Mark Canale

Connelly Foundation

Linda and Tom Doll

Subaru of America

David and Nancy Gansky

Advocate ($500-$999)

Allison, Aaron, Rose, and Alexandra Greenfield


Blackbaud Giving Fund

Class of 1970

Tony and Linda Colantonio

Cooper Family

DiGregorio Family

Lisa Genovese

Johnson & Johnson 

Mercedes-Benz of Ft. Washington

Michael Rosefeldt

Anthony J. Stipa Jr

Supporter ($100-$499)



Jeff Bass

Benevity Subaru

Jori Broad and Family


Canzoneri Family

Michael Christian



Davis Design Group

Nancy DeVitis

Richard Eisenberg and Amanda Trayes

Debbie Lynn Elias

D. Fitzpatrick and J. Sheppard 

Jill Forster

David and Staci Friedman

Josh and Marsha Gayl


Godshall Family

Kenneth Grimes

Jennifer Guerrera
Guller Family

Heckman Family

Julie Horowitz

Huynh Family

IAT Insurance Group

David Kannerstein and Winnie Lanoix

Don and Angela Kim

Leng Family

Manges Family

Merck Foundation

Joy Miernicki

Susan Moore

Rosemarie Nevergole

Kim Newell

Brett and Kathy Oxberry

Peduzzi Family 

Pamela Piscitelli

Plant Family 

Jill Ruggiero

Christopher and Erin Saulino

Jayadeep Shevade

Suzanne Slattery

Small Family

Starr Family 

Robert Stieger

Julie Stone

Salvia Family

David A. Szablowski

Brian Tobin

Sonia Trivic

Annette and Perry Swartz

Tobin Family 

David Torres


Nathan Yoo

Yuen Family

Contributor (<$100)

Amanda Anderson


Stacey Baker

Kent and Deanna Barbay

Aranya Bava

Tracy Blannett

Isabella Bolognese

Bella and Justin Borkowski

Donelle Brotz

Regan Burke

Ruthie Burke

Mark Canale 

Carosello Family

Megan Carragher

Chris and Winnie

Joy Clark

Marcia Clarke

Chase Conklin

Paul Conlen

Kate Conn

Maria Conway

Cowley Family

Coyle Family

D'Agostino Family


Cheryll & Sean Darby

Elizabeth DeLone

Christine Donovan

Melissa Dreisbach

Carissa Eberle

Elizabeth Eichner

Jennifer Fitzgerald

Flounders Family

Matthew Flynn

Jennifer Gage

Raja Ganesan

Hope Garfinkle

Holden & Finn Gemberling-Teufel

Lisa Genovese

Michelle Gilbert

Sarah Guckavan

Heckert Family

Sherri and Scott Hockfield

Hoover Family

Susan Hope

Naomi Hurlburt

Ethan Kanther

Karangwa Family

Jill Klein

Lisa Knapp

Michael N. Lapenta

Heather Lash

Carl Leiby

Jessica Lester

Eric & Colleen Levin

Lincoln Financial

Dan London

Malczon Family

Manges Family

Chris Manero

Tiffany Martin

Susan Mayson

Anna Mindel

Moser Family

Mary Pat Moyer

ShelleyAnn Naylor

Ann Nitka-Johnson

Rosemary Northcutt

Kristina Oldham

Carol O'Neill

Patricia Osborne

Annemarie Papa

Papola Family

Mindi Parisi

Beth Patruno

Lisa Paxson

Pomager Family

Nina Pratowski

Lisa Peuser

Quirus Family

Dr. Cheryll Rothery Jackson

Betsy, Marc, and Hunter Rapport

Reed Family

Rochelle Rochi

Salvia Family

Scerbo Family

Schindler Family

Schok-Kirk Family

Jeromy Sivek

Sivek Family

Skalamera Family

Lauren Smith

Spitzer Family

Tashjian Family

Melissa Trang

Turner Family

Lisa Watkins

Laurie Wilson

Michelle Ximines

Rachel Zanan