Transportation Change Requests

For safety reasons, students will be permitted to ride only the bus to which they are assigned and to get on or off the bus only at the stop to which they are assigned.

Child Care Request Information

If your child is to be transported to and/or from school to a location other than your designated home area bus stop, please complete the Transportation Child Care Request Form (click on the link in the right column). Forms may also be picked up at each school. Requests for transportation to a child care provider will be granted only if the child care provider is on an established bus route in the school attendance area.

Requests for Colonial School District bus transportation from locations other than the student’s home will be considered only if the student is eligible for transportation and the stop is on an existing bus run located in the school attendance area to which the student is assigned.

Students will be assigned to bus stops based on the consistent application of a process that involves no more than one accommodation or transition per student. We cannot honor requests for transportation that will vary day to day or week to week.

Requests for a change in transportation will become effective only after adequate time has been given to properly notify all persons concerned and make the necessary changes. This process takes approximately three school days.

Special Note: Transportation Child Care Request Forms should be submitted before July 1 of each school year. Student bus stops revert back to the home location at the end of each school year. Special requests for transportation to child care providers must be made annually.

Temporary bus change information

Building principals may approve temporary changes for emergencies such as illness in the family, if the parents are out of town, etc. Requests must be made directly to the building principal, who will issue and sign a pink temporary pass for the bus driver. Notes requesting transportation changes signed by parents will not be accepted by bus drivers.

While this procedure may cause parents temporary inconvenience, we know that you will understand our serious commitment to transporting students to and from school safely; we need to know at all times which children are on our buses.

Bus stop change request

The Colonial School District has reviewed all stops for safety. All stops will remain the same, unless under further investigation, the District along with other agencies determine that the bus stop is not safe. Please do not use this form to request a closer stop. This procedure is only for the request to review changes in conditions at a bus stop.


1. Requests for changes/additions of bus stops or routes shall be directed to the Transportation Department in writing by using the Transportation Bus Stop Change Request Form.

Upon receipt of the request, the Transportation Department will provide a notification by email or by telephone regarding the approximate timeline for reviewing the request. When a request includes multiple families in a development, the notification will be provided to the first party listed on the request.

The timeline for the review may be based on the time of year that the request is received. For example, based on the high volume of requests in the first four to six weeks of school, a much longer period of time will be needed before a review is completed. Since the beginning of the school year is the busiest time for the Transportation Department, your request may be delayed up to seven weeks.

The timeline may be based on the complexity of the request. Issues impacting the complexity include the number of site observations, the amount of research required and the number of outside agencies involved.

2. The Transportation Department will provide an update to the parent/guardian by phone or email if the investigation is not completed within the estimated timeline.

3. At the conclusion of the review, and if the request is approved, the Transportation Department shall provide instructions about any bus service changes to the parent/guardian by phone or email. Implementation of the change shall generally occur within a five-day period after the approval. If a large number of parents are impacted by the change (such as revised bus stop times), the new service may take longer than five days.

4. At the conclusion of the review, and if the request is denied, the Transportation Department will provide a written response to the parent/guardian.

For late bus information, please call the bus company, First Student, at 610-272-7671.

Check Your Child's Bus Information Online


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