Students getting off of the bus at Colonial Middle School


Covering more than 1,270,000 miles each year, the Transportation Department offers safe and reliable travel to and from Colonial School District’s Public schools and more than 100+ non-public schools, serving more than 6,000 students each day. While the Colonial School District contracts with First Student for our drivers and buses, the Transportation Department takes pride in generating and overseeing more than 480 bus routes and establishing high standards for safety and efficiency.

  • Please be advised that it is the parent's or guardian's responsibility to see that your child safely boards and departs the bus each day. Take a moment to click here to review the Colonial School District School Bus Safety Guidelines.
  • Please note that address changes for public school students must be made through the school building, not through the Transportation Department.
  • If your child attends day care, please fill out a Transportation Child Care Request Form (click on link in right column) by July 1 each school year. Once a form is filled out for daycare, each school year transportation will continue to be assigned to the babysitter location until a change is submitted by the parent/guardian.


For late bus information, please call the bus company:

  • First Student at 610-272-7671 or

  • Sague at 610-828-5776

Check Your Child's Bus Information Online


Look for your child's transportation information through PowerSchool. Click here to go to PowerSchool.



Christopher Brown
Director of Transportation
610-834-1670, ext. 2142
Click here to email Mr. Brown

Sandy Serrbocco
Transportation Services Coordinator
610-834-1670, ext. 2157
Click here to email Ms. Serrbocco