Colonial School District: Pandemic Response Levels

(in consultation with the Montgomery County Office of Public Health)

1. Monitoring

  • Schools remain open.
  • Track verified infection information locally and regionally.
  • Maintain open communication pipeline with Public Health authorities.
  • Encourage proper “flu season” hygiene including hand washing, cough covering and no touching face.
  • Remind families of Student Illness Guidelines for keeping children home when sick.
  • Encourage staff to stay home if sick.
  • Focus maintenance efforts on daily deep cleaning/disinfecting. 

2. Limiting

  • Schools remain open.
  • Consider restricting large group activities during the day.
  • Consider rescheduling/suspending school-sponsored travel.
  • Consider rescheduling/restricting outside groups using Colonial facilities.
  • Consider implementing audience attendance caps for Colonial events.
  • Consider reducing/suspending outside volunteers.

3. Postponing

  • Schools remain open.
  • Consider rescheduling/suspending athletic and extracurricular activities.
  • Consider rescheduling/suspending District-sponsored events.
  • Consider rescheduling/suspending all travel and field trips.
  • Consider rescheduling/suspending Adult Evening School.

4. Closing

  • School buildings closed.
  • Begin home-based educational activities/online instruction.