Technology Tips

If you have a problem with technology and need tech help, contact our technology staff. Click here to send them an email.

Our help desk is servicing teachers, students and parents. We also encourage you to reach out to your tech-savvy friends and neighbors who might be able to assist.

Signing In

To avoid any sign in and access conflicts, make sure that you are signing in to browsers and Google Drive with your Colonial School District Google credentials.

All credentials to log into applications are the same as when in school.

Accessing Resources

If you encounter a broken link or cannot access a resource, you can do a few things first to make sure that there really is a problem:

  • Check to see if you are logged into Chrome or your browser with your school credentials and not a personal account

  • Reload the page

  • Try a different browser

If you still cannot get into the resource, notify your teacher via email and please report the problem, in as much detail as possible, by sending an email to using your CSD GMail.


If your teacher is using Zoom, they will send you an invite to a Zoom session with a Meeting ID and Password. Click the join meeting link and input your Meeting ID and Password, follow the prompts.  

  • *Prior to the time the session is to start, you will want to make sure that you have Zoom installed on your device and are ready to go. 

    • If signed in to Chrome with your CSD Google credentials, check your Google Extensions to see if it is not already there. (The icon is blue square with a white video camera in it.) You can launch the extension and put in the credentials there.  

    • If not using the Chrome extension, you can download the application. You have a few options to get Zoom, if needed  

    • When you click on the link provided by your teacher, follow the prompts to install. (Will download automatically or visit