Mask Optional Guidelines

Masks optional indoors and on District transportation

Effective Tuesday, March 1, masks are optional for students and staff while indoors. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC released new masking guidelines (click here to view them), which state that communities may alter masking requirements based on three new tiers for defining COVID transmission: high, medium and low. A community’s level is determined by the number of hospital admissions, the strain on healthcare systems, and the number of cases in that area. 

The CDC recommends that people who live in areas of medium transmission should stay up-to-date with vaccines, get tested if symptomatic, and, if at risk for severe illness, talk to one’s doctor for guidance on masking. Masks are not required, but those who have symptoms, test positive, or are exposed to someone with COVID should wear a mask. 

The CDC has also recommended that the mask mandate on school transportation be lifted. Therefore, masks will not be required on CSD buses and vans. Please note, however, individuals who test positive for COVID-19 will need to quarantine as has been our practice.   

Please note, students and staff members may still wear masks in school if they choose. 

Return to school guidance

Students or staff who test positive for COVID WITH symptoms may return to school as follows:

  • After 24 hours with no fever AND

  • After resolving symptoms AND

  • After five days since symptoms first appeared.

  • Mask to stay is REQUIRED in school days 6-10.

Students or staff who test positive for COVID WITHOUT symptoms may return to school as follows:

  • Five days after the specimen was collected.

  • Mask to stay is REQUIRED in school days 6-10.

  • If symptoms develop during the five days, follow return to school guidance for positive test WITH symptoms.

Contact tracing (in school or on the bus)

  • Building will notify class or bus of positive cases.

  • Parents will monitor their students for symptoms. 

  • If symptoms develop at schools, we will Test to Stay (with parent permission) while tests last.

    • Test to Stay (Unvaccinated or Partially Vaccinated): Within 24 hours of positive case notification, Day 3, and Day 5. 

    • Test to Stay (Vaccinated): Day 5 only. 

  • Masking is RECOMMENDED if exposed to positive students in school or on the bus.