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Colonial COVID-19 Dashboard

Updated: June 9, 2022 

NOTE: The Colonial COVID-19 Dashboard includes students and staff who have attended school in-person at least once in the past five-to-ten days and have tested positive for COVID-19. The length of quarantine varies depending on a number of factors such as vaccination status and whether or not the person is experiencing symptoms. The dashboard reflects a five-day quarantine, and cases are removed on the date of their anticipated return. However, a parent/guardian may keep their child out for longer than the required five-day period. For a more detailed explanation of quarantining protocols, please click here to visit the Montgomery County Office of Public Health School Guidance page

The Colonial School District is currently mask optional. Per The District's Health and Safety Plan, masking may be considered within a building if the building's positive population is 3% of the total population or higher, which is why that number is included on the dashboard.  

School  Student Current
Positive Cases
Staff Current
Positive Cases
Total Current Cases
Needed for 3%
Total Positive Cases
since August 9, 2021

Plymouth Whitemarsh
High School

2 0 55 435

Colonial Middle

6 1 43 331

Colonial Elementary

2 0 28 333

Elementary School

1 0 8 86

Plymouth Elementary

0 0 21 164

Ridge Park
Elementary School

1 0 19 137

Elementary School

0 0 16 148

District Office

0 0 2 26



13 Current Positive COVID-19 Cases 


1,660 Total Positive COVID-19 Cases since August 9, 2021