Colonial Instructional Television (CITV) airs on Channel 28 on both Comcast Cable and Verizon FiOS in Plymouth Township, Whitemarsh Township and Conshohocken Borough.

Enjoy the 2018-2019 CITV programs over the summer.

LIVE: School Board meeting on June 20, July 18, August 15 at 7:00 pm


6:00 AM               PW Baseball vs Wissahickon, District Playoffs

8:05 AM               CE 3rd Grade "Wisdom"

9:00 AM               WE Kindergarten "Thanksgiving Concert"

9:30 AM               Volleyball vs Garnet Valley, District Playoffs

10:30 AM            RP Kindergarten "Music in School"

11:00 AM            CMS Winter Concert

11:45 AM            Bulletin Board

12:00 PM             School Board meeting

2:00 PM               CES Advanced Spring Concert

2:45 PM               PE 3rd Grade "Hits"

3:30 PM               Football vs Wissahickon

6:00 PM               PW Winter Concert

8:15 PM               CES 5th Grade Closing Ceremony

9:00 PM               PWHS Graduation 2019

11:00 PM             CMS 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony


6:00 AM               Swimming vs. Harriton

8:00 AM               CES Beginner Winter Concert

8:30 AM               RP 1rst Grade "Snow"

9:15 AM               Boys' Soccer vs Hatboro Horsham

10:45 AM            Bulletin Board

11:00 AM            WE 2nd Grade "Broadway"

11:30 AM            CE K-2 "Oceans"

12:05 PM             Softball vs. Abington

2:15 PM               CMS String and Sing Concert

3:15 PM               RP 3rd Greade "Lights"

4:00 PM               Boys' Lacrosse vs Hatboro Horsham

5:30 PM               PE 3rd Grade "Winter"

6:00 PM               Girls' Basketball vs. Cardinal O'Hara

7:05 PM               Boys' Basketball vs. Haverford

8:45 PM               Girls' Basketball vs. Springfield Township

9:00 PM               Boys' Basketball vs. Norristown


6:00 AM               Boys' Bowling vs Norristown

8:30 AM               CES Advanced Winter Concert

9:15 AM               RP 2nd Grade "Thanksgiving"

10:00 AM            Girls' Soccer vs. Upper Moreland

11:30 AM            PE 1rst Grade "Get Moving

12:05 PM             CMS Band

1:00 PM               Softball vs. Abington

3:00 PM               WE 3rd Grade "Kidz Bop"

4:00 PM               PE Kindergarten "Cooking

4:30 PM               Field Hockey vs. Abington

5:45 PM               PE 2nd Grade "Veterans"

6:00 PM               2018 National Honor Society Induction

7:05 PM               Senior Awards

8:45 PM               Bulletin Board

9:00 PM               Football vs Springfield Township HOMECOMING


6:00 AM               Girls' Bowling vs North Penn

9:00 AM               WE 1rst Grade "Mamma Goose"

9:45 AM               RP 3rd Greade "Lights"

10:30 AM            Boys' Baseball vs Wissahickon

12:00 PM             PE 3rd Grade "Winter"

12:45 PM             CES Beginner Spring Concert

1:30 PM               Girls' Lacrosse vs Upper Dublin

3:00 PM               PW Winter Concert

4:30 PM               Girls' Basketball vs. Bensalem

5:30 PM               Bulletin Board

6:00 PM               Distinguished Graduate Ceremony 2019

7:15 PM               WE Kindergarten "Thanksgiving Concert"

8:00 PM               CES 5th Grade Closing Ceremony

9:00 PM               CMS 8th Grade Promotion

10:00 PM             PWHS Graduation 2019


6:00 AM               Swimming vs. Upper Dublin

8:00 AM               PE 3rd Grade "Winter"

8:30 AM               RP 1rst Grade "Snow"

9:30 AM               Volleyball vs Abington

11:00 AM            CMS Band Concert

12:00 PM             CE 3rd Grade "Wisdom"

1:00 PM               Boys Soccer vs Sprinfield Township

2:35 PM               WE 2nd Grade "Broadway"

3:15 PM               CES Beginner Winter Concert

3:45 PM               Girls' Basketball vs. Norristown

5:00 PM               RP 2nd Grade "Thanksgiving"

5:35 PM               PE Kindergarten "Cooking

6:10 PM               CES Advanced Concert "Spring"

7:00 PM               School Board meeting

8:45 PM               PWHS Spring Concert

11:00 PM             CMS Sing and String


6:00 AM               Field Hockey vs. Central Bucks

7:15 AM               WE Kindergarten "Thanksgiving Concert"

7:45 AM               RP Kindergarten "Music in School"

8:15 AM               Baseball vs. Liberty, State Playoffs

10:30 AM            CE K-2nd "Oceans"

11:05 AM            CES Beginner Spring Concert

12:00 PM             Girls' Basketball vs. Cardinal O'Hara

1:15 PM               Distinguished Graduate Ceremony 2019

2:30 PM               2019 Senior Awards

4:05 PM               PE 1st Grade "Get Moving"

4:45 PM               WE 1st Grade "Mamma Goose"

5:25 PM               Girls' Lacrosse vs Springfield Township

6:45 PM               CES 5th Grade Closing Ceremony

7:30 PM               CMS 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

8:45 PM               PWHS Graduation 2019


6:00 AM               Boys' Bowling vs Upper Dublin

8:30 AM               PE 3rd Grade "Winter"

9:15 AM               CMS Winter Concert

10:00 AM            Volleyball vs Perkiomen Valley, District Playoffs

12:00 PM             RP 3rd Greade "Lights"

12:45 PM             PE 2nd Grade "Veterans"

1:30 PM               Boys' Basketball vs. Haverford

2:45 PM               Bulletin Board

3:00 PM               2018 PWHS Honor Society Induction

3:35 PM               PW Winter Concert

5:00 PM               Girls' Basketball vs Bensalem

6:05 PM               CES Advanced Winter Concert

6:45 PM               CMS Winter Concert

7:30 PM               Baseball vs. Liberty, State Playoffs

9:35 PM               PE Kindergarten "Cooking

10:05 PM             WE Kindergarten "Thanksgiving Concert"

10:35 PM             CE K-2nd "Oceans"

11:15 PM             RP Kindergarten "Music in School"

Tentative Fall Programming Schedule     

 Please check back in August.