Welcome New 6th Grade Families

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I learn my locker combination? 

Sixth grade teachers will spend time with you on the first day to teach you how to operate your locker. You will also have a sticker to place in your agenda book with your combination on it. If you forget it, you can always ask an adult to help you. Your teacher, Team Leader, and the office will have the combination.

How will I get to class on time? 

You get three minutes to get to every class. Most classes in 6th grade are in the same hallway. The entire hallway takes about 30 seconds to walk. Traveling to encore classes may take a little longer, but three minutes is plenty of time to get to class. Teachers will help you get to your class until you figure out the building.

Can sixth graders play sports at school?

Unfortunately, sixth graders cannot play sports at school. The PIAA (governing body of sports for Pennsylvania) determines the grade in which school sponsored sports begins. All public schools in PA begin sports in seventh grade. However, we do have an Intramural After School Program in the Fall and Spring for students that are interested in getting some play in!  

Are there detentions and suspensions?

Yes, there are lunch detentions, after school detentions, and out of school suspensions. The consequences are part of the learning process. Depending on the infraction, different consequences will be issued.  

How many different teachers will I see each day?

Each student will see an English Language Arts (ELA) teacher, a Math teacher, and either a Science or History teacher (three core teachers a day). After the core classes, students will either see one or two encore teachers a day, depending on the student’s schedule.

What is an encore class?

Encore classes are the classes that you will take outside of the core areas (Math, ELA, History, and Science). The different encore areas that you will have an opportunity to explore are as follows: World Language, Reading, Health & Physical Education, Information Technology, Art, Music, Family & Consumer Science, and Technology Education.

How long are the classes? 

Core classes are 83 minutes. You have three core classes a day. Encore classes are either 40 minutes or 83 minutes. Health, gym, language, and reading classes are 40 minutes and the other encore classes are 83 minutes.

Do I have the same classes all year long?

There are certain classes that you will have all year long and other classes that you will have for only a trimester or a semester.  ELA and Math are full year classes that meet everyday. History and Science are semester long classes (half the year) that meet everyday.  The 83 minute encore classes meet every other day for a trimester at a time. The 40 minute encore classes meet every other day but for the entire year. 

Am I going to miss my bus? What do I do if I can’t find my bus?

On the first day of school, the sixth grade teachers will show you where your bus will park. During the first week of school, sixth graders are dismissed early so they can navigate their lockers and find their bus. There are teachers outside with maps and bus numbers to help you find your way. 

Can I get help after school with my homework?

Yes, we have after school library help every day after school except on Fridays and early dismissal days. There are adults there to help you with your homework. After School Library Help does not begin until some time in October. There are other after school programs as well that are designed for sixth graders, such as PEP. PEP is run by sixth grade teachers and also provides extra support for students.

Is there recess?

You will no longer have recess in middle school, but there are opportunities to participate in fun activities — Intramural Sports, Activity Period, Reward Days are a few!

If my friends are not on my team, will I never see them during the day?

Yes! Lunch is as a grade level in the cafeteria. You can sit with your old friends or sit with new friends. There is also a chance you could have an encore class or activity period with your friends.