Parent/Teacher Conferences

How to Schedule a Parent/Teacher Conference:

  1. Click here to go to the online conference scheduler.
  2. After accessing the link above, enter your username <your EMAIL ADDRESS> and password <your child’s STUDENT NUMBER>.
  3. Then click on the box that says, “I give consent to receive email confirmation from PTC Wizard.”
  4. Then click SUBMIT.    
  5. Then click on ADD MEETING.
  6. To schedule a conference with your child’s (Math, Science, Language Arts or History) teacher click on your child’s GRADE.  To schedule a conference with one of your child’s Unified Arts teachers click on UNIFIED ARTS.
  7. Click on the TEACHER(S) or TEAM with whom you’d like to meet and then click on CONTINUE.
  8. Then select the DATE (toggle located under the red circled #3) on which you’d like to attend.           
  9. Select the times for each teacher/team with whom you’d like to meet and then click on CONTINUE.
  10. If you’ve scheduled your conference successfully, you will see the following screen: 

Thanks for using PTC Wizard

Your schedule has been saved.

You will receive an email within 15 minutes with your in-person conference date/time.

If you have any difficulties scheduling a conference please contact Kim Santoni at 610-275-5100, Ext. 7285, or Maryanne Acquaviva at 610-275-5100, Ext. 7903. Thank you.