Welcome Mr. Wysocki

6th grader Jordan Paul interviews Mr. Wysocki, our new-to-CMS ELA teacher in 6th grade. 

First page of the PDF file: DSC_4460

8th grader Amelia Johnson sits down with new Assistant Principal, Mrs. Spivey to welcome her to CMS.

Welcome: Mrs. McClenton

8th grader Amelia Johnson interviews Mrs. McClenton for a student-view of one of our new assistant principals. 

A tribute to Asian-American and Pacific-Islander Heritage Month in verse by CMS sixth grader Brandon Tupchong

"My Favorite Quote" in speech bubble

Find out why seventh grader Maddox Starr believes that quotes are "Legal Plagiarism" and learn his thoughts on the human condition based on a quote of questionable origin. 

upper and lowercase letters written in cursive on a practice sheet

Some people think of cursive lettering as troublesome, while others believe it is easy. Then there are the people that do not even remember or know how to write in cursive at all.