Elementary students celebrated 100 days of school

The District calendar includes a big milestone for Colonial School District's elementary students — the 100th day of school. 

boy holding string with beads on it

Whitemarsh Elementary School kindergartener Theo David creating a necklace with 100 beads on it.

At Ridge Park Elementary School (RP) first graders celebrated the day with decorated hats.

"In my first 100 days of school this year, I learned how to write sentences and stories," said Zoe Schwartz, a first grade student at RP. "I have learned how to read books and tap out words, and I learned how to make tens and ones in math in my Number of the Day journal." 

The events surrounding the 100th day help to reinforce math concepts that the children are learning, such as number sense, number writing, skip counting and place value. 

"When you start with the number one, it's just one number," said WE kindergartener Bodhi Dorsey. "But when you get to the number 10, that's two, and when you get to 100, that's three."

The 100th day also serves as an opportunity for the elementary students to participate in fun activities they'll be able to remember for a long time to come. At Whitemarsh Elementary School (WE), kindergarten students strung 100 beads onto a necklace. 

"It is so important for our primary-aged children to enjoy celebrations in school, especially this year. They deserve a day to honor how far they have come since the first day of their learning in September," said RP Teacher Lori McTamney. "As teachers, we want our students to make memories of special days in our classrooms."

The Colonial School District calendar has 183 total student days, including three built-in snow days.