Colonial School District celebrates Autism Awareness Week

During Autism Awareness Week, Colonial School District's elementary students had festive dress up days, read alouds, and Morning Meeting discussions to learn about what Autism is — and how to practice acceptance.

people on a zoom showing the camera a bracelet they made


"Everybody's different, and we want to learn about everyone.  We want to learn that all people are not the same, and that's okay," said Ridge Park Elementary Kindergartener Hannah Joyce. "I would treat everyone nicely."

At Ridge Park Elementary, the Autistic Support teachers — Tracey Quinn, Roni Berman, and Sarah Tanen — and Speech and Language Pathologist Erin Pitts also held a virtual Autism night where students made a craft that celebrated diversity and families put together a snack and listened to a story. 

For Plymouth Elementary students, Autism Awareness Week involved an activity where the children looked at their own qualities and interests to see what makes them unique. 

"I have glasses," said Plymouth Elementary Second Grader Vanessa Finnegan. "I am short, too."

"I'm a baker," added classmate Christina Santana-Aledo. "I bake cakes, cupcakes, eclairs, and cream puffs."

girl holding paper with why she's unique


By looking at similarities and differences between each other, the students make connections that can help them develop relationships with students with Autism. 

"I think the children are so accepting here, whether they have a exceptionality or not. All of the children play together, go to Specialists, participate in Morning Meeting, and are in our Ridge Park community every day," said Ridge Park Elementary teacher Roni Berman. "I am so proud to be part of this community." 

Colonial Middle School joined the excitement this year and also held dress up days in honor of Autism awareness and acceptance. Colonial School District celebrated Autism Awareness Week from April 12-16.