Student Publications


Description: The CMS Scoop is the student run newspaper committee at the middle school. Students write articles based on interests such as sports, current events, district and school based activities, and staff and student polls.
Eligibility Requirements: Grades 6-8. Editor must be a 7th or 8th grader. Each student must publish at least one article an issue.
Time Commitment: The committee meets twice a week during activity period.
Procedure for Joining: Sign up during activity fair or see sponsor.
Sponsor: Mrs. Eberle


Description: The yearbook club at the middle school is an elective club that meets after school or whenever there are photo opportunities throughout the school day. Students would sign up to photograph, edit and create the page for any other group, activity or event that occurs at CMS. This would include clubs, teams, dances, special classroom activities and general “life in the halls.” The yearbook staff enjoys the opportunity to pick the cover, hold contests, sales and parties and have fun creating the book via the online editing program.
Eligibility Requirements: All students are welcome to join the yearbook staff. Responsibility for school cameras and a commitment to show up and complete a chosen task would be expected. It is the yearbook staff’s goal to include and document all aspects of life at CMS and make sure that all students are represented.
Time Commitment: The time commitment is up to the individual students and can range from taking photographs during one event, to being a student editor or business manager.
Procedure for Joining: Come to art room 105 and sign up!
Sponsor: Miss Horwitz

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