CMS Block Schedule FAQ

What are the benefits of the CMS Block Schedule?

  • Increased instructional time in core subjects (Language Arts, Math, Science, History)
  • Fewer transitions for students
  • Longer grade reporting periods
  • Opportunities for academic choice

What is the bell schedule?

2015-2016 bell schedule

Do the students take the same classes every day?

There is a two-day schedule (A and B day), where some classes meet every day, and some classes meet every other day.

How many classes does my child have each day?

  • 6th grade: Students take two core classes (Language Arts and Math) that meet every day for 83 minutes all year long. On an A day, students also have History for 83 minutes and two 40-minute classes (World Language/Reading and Health/Physical Education). On a B day, students have Science for 83 minutes and an 83-minute Unified Arts Introductory class.
  • 7th & 8th grades: Students have four core classes that meet every day for 62 minutes all year long (Language Arts, Math, Science, and History). On an A day, students also have two 40-minute classes (World Language/Reading and Health/Physical Education). On a B day, students have one 83-minute Unified Arts class.

What are unified arts?

The Unified Arts include: Art, Music, Technology Education, Family Consumer Science and Computer Literacy.

All students must take an introductory course in the five Unified Arts areas. Then, students will have a choice to select four Unified Arts electives (one in 7th grade and three in 8th grade).

Students who participate in a CMS Music group (Band, Orchestra, Chorus) do not have to take the introductory Music course. Instead, these students take a specialized Music course (Band, Orchestra, Chorus) for one trimester per year. In addition, students will also have scheduled lessons throughout the year.

Will classes change at the end of a trimester?

The Unified Arts class change each trimester. All other classes run year long (either every other day or every day).

How do World Languages work?

Beginning in sixth grade, students will be recommended for either Reading or a World Language. Students that are recommended for a World Language will follow the program outlined below:

  • 6th grade: Flex Program – one trimester each of French, Spanish and Latin.
  • 7th grade: Students will select their preferred language (French, Spanish or Latin), which will meet every other day for 40-minutes all year long.
  • 8th grade: Students will continue in their selected language and continue with the same schedule they followed in 7th grade.
There will be opportunities for students to begin languages in 7th or 8th grade.

How do Health and Physical Education work?

Students will have Health and Physical Education every other day for 40 minutes all year long. Students may have Health from September to January (every other day) and Physical Education from January to June (every other day) or vice versa.

What is activity period/learning time?

Activity period/learning time occurs at the end of the day for all students. This period will continue to provide opportunities for students to participate in fun activities of their choice, as well as provide opportunities for academic support.

How long are student lunches?

Lunches are 30 minutes in length. Students are scheduled for lunch as an entire grade and can sit wherever they wish.

Are there homerooms?

No. Students report directly to their first class where daily attendance will be taken. (Please note that period 1 classes across all grades are 3-5 minutes longer to allow teachers to take daily attendance.)

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