Extended Closure Hub

Beginning Monday, March 30, we will provide instruction of new material. 

  • Students in grades 4-12 will receive information from their teachers using Google Classroom, Canvas or PowerSchool.
  • For students in grades K-3, the sample schedules will remain through the end of the week. They contain a mix of online resources and printable worksheets.
  1. You do not need to print every worksheet. Talk to your child to see what they need to practice most.
  2. Consider using a small whiteboard, chalkboard or plain paper to save on printing or if you don't have a printer.
  3. Remember these assignments are for practice, not for a grade. Allow your child to make choices. Understanding what they need to practice is part of their growth.
  4. If the closure goes past two weeks, the students will be getting specific assignments from their teachers, and our goal is to minimize the need for printing in the future.

For more practice and exploration, visit Web Apps and the other resources below.

  • Technology Help
    If you have a problem with technology and need tech help, you can contact our help desk at 610-684-7135. You can also click here to send them an email. Our help desk is servicing teachers, students and parents. We also encourage you to reach out to your tech-savvy neighbors who might be able to assist.

Grades K-3

Colonial Elementary School

Colonial Middle School

Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

Uploading Assignments on Google Classroom