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CSDEF Teacher Grant Request Form

The CSDEF grants are awarded to staff to implement STEAM and Student Success initiatives that support the CSDEF Vision and Mission in their schools. In addition, grants may also be awarded to support curriculum-related programs that enhance the professional development of the CSD staff which supports students’ needs throughout the Colonial School District.


A unified and future-ready community that supports high-quality education and takes pride in the Colonial School District.


The CSDEF will build community connections and generate resources for expanding and enriching programs that promote excellence in the Colonial School District.

Grants submission dates:

  • By October 1st will be notified by November 30th
  • By February 1st will be notified by March 31st

Award Amounts: Typical grants will range between $500 - $2,500

Grant Guidelines:

  • Only complete applications will be considered.
  • Before submitting an application, make sure you explored other funding sources (i.e. School Improvement Money, PTO, etc.) with your building administration.
  • All grants must be clearly aligned to the CSD Curriculum and supported by a CSD Principal and Curriculum Supervisor/Administrator.
  • A teacher may only receive one grant per academic year.

Check all that apply.​​
Check all that apply.​
Please include your timeline for implementation.​
Please include the data/methods you will use to measure these goals.​​
What makes the project innovative or essential?​ How does it connect to the curriculum?​ ​
Provide number of students/teachers, grade level(s), underserved or special needs, etc. ​​​
Please be specific.​​

Please list all items that require expenditures and their costs. Be as accurate in pricing as you can.​​​
Please include suppliers, retail stores, etc., from which supplies will be obtained. Technology should be quoted through the Technology Department.​

Please note that within one year of receiving a grant, you will be required to submit a written report of the implementation of your project, attend a CSDEF meeting to share highlights of your grant and share projects/programs funded at a CSD School Board meeting.