Rainbow Reads with Rachel
Facebook Live in conjunction with William Jeanes library

Facebook Live - Rainbow Reads with Rachel - Wednesday, December 16 from 6:30 to 7:00 pm

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Once upon a time, LGBTQ+ parents and/or children had a hard time finding their family's faces and feelings in the pages of children's books, and it can still be a challenge, but there are a lot more books out there than you may realize! And of course, these books aren't just for those with one or more LGBTQ+ family members, they are for everyone! Everyone needs books that reflect their own lives and experiences, AND everyone needs books that provide windows into those of others. Join Ms. Rachel on a journey to discover the rich, diverse world of picture books featuring children and families living their lives authentically and expressing themselves with vibrancy and joy! For now, Rainbow Reads with Rachel will be a Facebook Live event, with the intention of it becoming a regular Library program once we reopen.